Distributed I/O

     Distributed I/O allows you to take Automation intelligence and control out to the end-points of your process without masses of cabling and infrastructure. This can include a wide variety of devices such as typical Digital Inputs/Outputs, Analogue Inputs/Outputs, Motor Controls, DALI Address Masters and Safety Relays / Modules.

     Now with a wide range of supported protocols, long cable runs and massive centralised control systems are no longer required - meaning less cost, less space required, and less complexity. It also means existing infrastructures can be expanded, taking the easy-to-configure I/O out to where its needed.

     If you are interested in our Distributed I/O systems, or you require a Distributed I/O system as part of a larger design offering, please feel free to contact us at our Birmingham Head Office on +44(0)121 486 3600 or via the following e-mail address: engineering@stirtech.co.uk




Distributed I/O Systems

Brand I/O Model
Allen-Bradley Flex I/O, Distributed I/O, Point I/O
Phoenix Contact AxioLine, FieldLine Modular, Inline Modular, Safety, Ex, DALI
Weidmuller U-Remote


More Information

     Distributed I/O is not to be confused with a Distributed Control System (DCS). A DCS system is a control system or infrastructure that is process-orientated. There may be Distributed I/O within this infrastructure but usually the I/O is configured and manipulated by PLC / PAC automation controllers.