IP Cameras

    We provide only the best quality IP Camera solutions, and for this reason we have selected the Mobotix IP Cameras as our product of choice.

    With two trained Mobotix IP Specialists in-house and a Mobotix Partnership, Stirling are in an excellent position to provide you with a fully tailored solution. With image quality up to 5 Megapixel, Virtual PTZ with NO moving parts, on-board SD Card storage and PoE, there is no better product.

     We don't just stop at the cameras either! We can provide a full standard or industrial ethernet solution including; structured cabling, network hardware, switches, racks, servers and data storage. Mobotix also provide all their software for free, so you don't have to pay for any licences for their software products.

Click the camera model link below for more information on the Mobotix website!

Mobotix Camera Model Some of the Features
Mobotix M12 Duel DayNight
(2 Lens Model)
IP66, PoE, 22mm to 135mm Lenses, 90° to 15°, Up to 3 Megapixel Colour and 1 Megapixel Black & White

Mobotix M15 Duel DayNight
(2 Lens Model)

IP66, PoE 5W, Various Lenses, Long Pass Filter Lenses Optional, 5 Megapixel Quality.

Mobotix M15 Thermal
(Single Thermal Lens)

IP66, PoE 5.5W, 43mm, 65mm and 135mm Thermal Lens Available for detecting vehicles, people, PV Panel Faults, Machine Bearing Temperatures Etc.

Mobotix S15 FlexMount
(2 x 3 MegaPixel)

IP65, PoE 4.5W, 12mm to 160mm, 13° to 180° Hemispheric
AllRound Mono M25
(Single Lens)
IP66, PoE 4.5W, 12mm to 320mm Lenses Available, 5 Megapixel Quality.

MonoDome D25
(Single Lens in Dome)

IP54 to IP65, PoE 4.5W, 12mm to 320mm Lenses, 160° to 5°, 5 Megapixel Quality.
DuelDome D15
(Duel Lens in Dome)
IP54 to IP65, 4.5W, 25mm to 160mm Lenses including Long Pass Filters, Tele and Super Wide Angle. 2 x 3 Megapixel Images
Hemispheric Q25M-Sec
(360° Wall or Ceiling Camera)
IP54 to IP65, PoE 4.5W, 12mm (180° x 160°) and 25mm (82° x 61°) Lenses, Day or Night (Colour or B/W) Model Option. 6 Megapixel Quality.
Vandalism V15
(Duel Lens Extreme Situation Camera)
Bullet Proof Chassis for Corner Mounting, PoE 4.5W, 2 Options (Two Sensors Facing Forward, or One Forward, One Downward), 25mm to 160mm Lenses, 13° to 82°,
5 Megapixel Quality.

     If you require or are interested in any of our IP Camera services, please contact us at our Birmingham Head Office on +44(0)121 486 3600 or via the following e-mail address: onlysolutions@stirtech.co.uk