News: Stirling Invited to LEAN Process Workshop

NMC Nomenca / Severn Trent Water
Event: LEAN Process Workshop with Severn Trent Water
Date of Event: May 2014
Design & Assembly Team: Rob Govier / Darren Stanley / Chris White
Case Study / Handout from the Event: Download (0.5MB)

Stirling are delighted to announce that we have been invited by NMC Nomenca to participate in this years Lean Process Workshops. As part of the continuous improvements to monitoring within the Water Industry, the 2 day workshop will focus on various methods and ways of working to provide a lean efficiency across all aspects of the water utility industry.

In addition to attending the event, we will also be providing a fully assembled version of our latest instrumentation mounting assembly for Pulsar Process Measurement Ultrasonic Transmitters. The assembly includes galvanised frame, IP65 enclosure, Ultrasonic Transmitter(s), Local Isolator and Ultrasonic Transducer Head Cantilever Arm.

There is a lot to learn about Lean manufacturing, and we hope to take some of the concepts from the Industry 4.0 Strategy Model within the German Government to provide advantages within our own methods.

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