Radio Solutions

Elpro Radio Assembly

     Our Radio Solutions are provided by selecting from the best manufacturers in the marketplace to provide flexible, reliable and robust solutions for your wireless needs.

RadioLine Assembly           With a wide choice of methods from standard I/O point to point mapping, to Serial / Modbus communications and Licenced Radio, we have something for every requirement.

     Our team of highly-trained Radio Systems Engineers will provide a full and complete survey service, with options for on-site testing during the survey - using the same model of radio that will be used within the final installation assemblies to build confidence.

     We are able to incorporate other parts of our business within Process & Control, to provide a complete turn-key solutions package.

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Radio Systems

Brand Radio Model / Type
Churchill Controls Micro_Link (458Mhz)
Nano_Link (458Mhz)
Mega_Link (GSM-GPRS,433Mhz, 458Mhz and 869Mhz)
Elpro Technologies 105U (Various Frequency Bands)
455U (Lo VHF,VHF,UHF Licenced & Unlicenced)
805U (869MHz) Series
Phoenix Contact RadioLine RAD-2400-IFS (2.4Ghz w/ AES)
RAD-900-IFS (900Mhz w/ AES)
RAD-868-IFS (868Mhz w/ AES)
ILC 151 GSM/GPRS Embedded Controller (GSM/GPRS)

     If you require a consultation for a Radio Solution, please contact us at our Birmingham Head Office on +44(0)121 486 3600 or via the following e-mail address: