News: Sludge Blanket Interface Detection Installations in 2016

System shown was delivered for: Severn Trent Water

Stirling will be installing a fresh selection of Sludge Blanket Interface Detection Transmitters on Final Settlement Tanks in 2016. Some sites are looking to optimise process operations whilst others are looking to gain progress in maintaining environmental consent targets.

As part of this new selection of sites, Stirling are offering a customised solution that provides the powerful Pulsar Sludge Finder 2 Transmitter and VT10 Viper 2 Submersible Transducer, with the robust Elpro Unlicensed Radio Systems. This provides many options for the client, whether there is a requirement for hard-wired I/O or RS485 Serial Network installation required.

The enclosure chassis provides a standard DC PSU, but with support for DC-UPS Systems should a FST bridge not have a "Park" function, which sometimes means that the rotating bridge has to be fully isolated before gaining access to interrogate the transmitter.

Inner components are to IP2x, but the secondary interlocked door ensures that the transmitter can be used without exposing any user to dangerous voltages. The secondary door is hinging to 110 degrees and is removable by releasing the single spring-hinge, and is locked by two winged-key locks. A inner door handle is provided for ease of opening.

Together with our solutions suppliers Schneider, Phoenix Contact and Socomec we have provided a well-rounded system that allows the customer to get the full benefits of the Sludge Finder 2 in their process.

Info: Pulsar Process Measurement - Sludge Finder 2
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Photography © Stirling Technology 2014
Photography © Stirling Technology 2014