News: Solar Charging Systems & Off-Grid Photovoltaic Solutions

System shown was delivered for: United Utilities

Stirling provide several Solar-Related Solutions, and specialise in combining solar power with other devices to create a system that supports all the functions that the client requires.

We have reduced our supplier list to ensure that we provide consistency and quality and suppliers who are making the latest technologies in DC and Solar-Related Control Gear. In the system shown, we selected Rittal, Phoenix Contact, Socomec and MorningStar to provide a system that would allow the client to install a Radio Link from Churchill Controls and run the chassis completely Off-Grid.

The Solar-Charger is an MPPT style charger, that will ensure maximum return from the Solar Panel, and also 66% headroom for additional solar panels should the client require an instantanous update time from the radio system or utilise the spare fused 12VDC Outputs provided to power other equipment on site.

The MorningStar SunSaver MPPT Solar Charger also provides a port for connection to a remote display. We have utilised this on the panel door to avoid excess components such as Shunts and Data Loggers.

Also provided are Phoenix Contact Solar-PV Fuse Holders & Terminals, and Type 1/2 Valvetrab Surge Protection.

We also designed and produced a heavy-duty galvanised battery bracket to hold the 135Ah Battery Pack, ensuring that the battery would be safe from damage once installed.

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Photography © Stirling Technology 2014
Photography © Stirling Technology 2014

Photography © Stirling Technology 2014