News: Stirling Succesfully Deliver Telemetry Services Contract to WPD via Servelec

Location: Western Power Distribution - Taunton
Date of Event: 1st December 2015
End Client: Western Power Distribution
Customer: Servelec

Stirling's WPD Projects Team: Steve White, Nigel Handley, Tom Randall, Phil Aitken, Alan Elsmere,

Stirling have been providing Telemetry Assembly and Installation Services to Western Power Distribution via Servelec since the middle of 2014. The large project saw over 400 RTU's installed across a large proportion of Western Power Distribution's operational area.

Servelec chose Stirling as their nominated supplier for Telemetry Installation & Commissioning, based on a long history of successfully installing the systems.

The event, hosted by Western Power - thanked all the companies who helped to make the project a success - as well as Servelec officially handing over the new SCADA to WPD.

Stirling gathered all of its employees who helped deliver the project to be present for the event, and received thanks from both Western Power and Servelec for their contributions.

For more information, please contact us at our Birmingham Head Office on +44(0)121 486 3600 or via the following e-mail address: